Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kisah Semalam...

Semalam 1st day Ibu posa (posa ganti ye anak2 hehehehe)
So sebabkan malas nak masak n takde mood selalu ade mood ker
Ibu pon cadang nak p beli kat pasar malam
Ibu YM Anyah tanya kat umah kiter ade pasar malam tak
Sekali Anyah kata hari nih
Jadi Ibu pon terjah p pasar malam Putrajaya
Ibu cuma beli kotiau goreng untuk Ibu
Laksa untuk Anyah n bubur lambuk untuk Arissa
Pastuh beli apam balik yg besar tuh teringin lak tengok hehehe
Masa tuh hujan lak tapi seb baik tak lebat
Sekali biler nak balik terserempak dengan Kak Liza
Sembang2 kejap Ibu pon cow balik
Bukan ape kalau lambat sikit kompom jem kat jln masuk umah Ibu
Time tuh pon dah jem dah

Singgah umah pengasuh amik Arissa
Mak Nab kata dok intai jer wait Ibu datang heheheh
Sorilah Ibu p pasar malam beli juadah kiter hehehehe
Seperti biasa sampai jer umah Arissa melalak nak p playground
Arissa tak bagi Ibu buka pintu umah
Memang sabo jele Ibu semalam
Tapi kadang2 tertinggi gak sora marah die
Ibu geram Ibu dukung die masuk kunci semua pintu
Time tuh dah kul 7 mlm dah
Dah ler nak buka posa lagi sabo2
Ibu bior jer Arissa nangis
Ibu masuk bilik die ikut
Ibu mandi pon Arissa melalak lagi
Sampai dah habis mandi siap semua baru berenti nangis
Dok kat depan elok jer die main sorang2
Geram tol

Pastuh Ibu bagi Arissa makan bubur lambuk
Habis setengah bekas Arissa makan suap sendiri yer kawan2
Ibu pon wait Azan Maghrib nak buka posa
Dah azan tuh Ibu pon makan ler kotiau grg Ibu
Memang sedap masih terasa lagi nih heheheeh
Sekali biler Arissa nampak Ibu makan die pon nak
Terus tinggal bekas makan die n amik bekas makan Ibu
Seb Baik Ibu dah makan 3/4 hehehehe

Tapi Ibu masih lapo lagi camne eh
Ibu pon grg kopok lekor yg Anyah bawa
Ibu makan kopok pon Arissa sebok nak makan gak
Ibu makan apam balik pon nak jugak
Tapi bile gigit sekali terus Arissa luah tak suka kot

Dah selesai semua Ibu pon on YM
Kami pon chatting ler ngan Ayah
Tapi malam tadi line internet tak berapa ok plak
Nak accept video call amatlah payah
Tapi berjaya jugak lah
Macam biasa Arissa dok sembang ngan Ayah die jer
Kadang2 tersasul panggil Anyah hehehehe
Klako jer
Tapi chatting tak lama pon sampai kul 930 mlm jer
Sebab Ayah nak bersiap2 terus p tgk bola kat mamak
Pergilah bang dah balik cni jgn harap nak lepak lagi yer...

Dah hbs chatting tuh Ibu pon sambung tgk Secret Agent Miss Oh
Pastuh tgk Desperate Housewive
Kul 1130 jugak baru ler Arissa tido
Tuh pon nak p kaco Anyah die lagi
Ibu gempak Arissa baru nak tido
Sabo jele cik kak nih
Hari nih tak tau lagi camne peel die
Mujur esok Ayah dah nak balik
Betul2 menguji kesabaran tol
Tapi Ibu terhibur tgk gelagat Arissa sampai terbayang2 lak
Rindu lak kat budak debab Ibu tuh

Time nih kat kg
Orang semua kat dlm umah
Die sorang2 nak dok kat luar
Spek mata baru beli
Beli2 terus pakai tak nak tanggal2 hehehehe
Rambut pon baru potong jer...

Go Go Spain...Villa Do It Again...

Sukaler Ayah team yg die sokong menang lagi
Semalam pon chatting sekejap jer sampai kul 930 mlm
Sebab nak p tgk bola sabo jele
Pagi nih lambat bgn
Jenuh Ibu tipon nak kejut dari Subuh
Alih2 dah sampai ofis kul 720 pagi baru Ayah sedar
Sabo jele ngan Ayah nih

Villa ends Portuguese dreams


A 63rd-minute David Villa goal proved enough for Spain to beat Portugal and reach the quarter-finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. The highly-anticipated meeting between these Iberian rivals, the first in six years, lived up to expectations, certainly in the first half when Carlos Queiroz's side were unlucky not to be rewarded for their endeavour in Cape Town. La Roja were dominant after the break, however, and El Guaje's close-range finish ensured they will now meet Paraguay for a place in the last four.

Both teams went into the match protecting proud records, with Spain having won 29 of their last 31 matches. Portugal were on a 19-match undefeated run dating back to November 2008, with 20 clean sheets in 24 matches since Queiroz assumed their reins.
Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque named an unchanged side from the one that beat Chile in their final group game, with the inclusion of Xabi Alonso allaying initial fears that an ankle injury would prevent his inclusion. Portugal, conversely, were forced into two changes as injuries to forward Danny and defender Duda afforded starts to Atletico Madrid's Simao and Hugo Almeida of Werder Bremen.
A high-tempo opening saw Fernando Torres unleash a goal-bound shot that Eduardo did well to parry away, before it was the turn of the in-form Villa to warm the hands of the Portuguese goalkeeper. It was far from one-way traffic, and Tiago's drive from 30 metres was only palmed into the air by Iker Casillas, with Almeida seemingly set to head into an empty net only for the Spain captain to recover and push the ball to safety at the midway point of the first half.

Soon after, Cristiano Ronaldo unleashed a venomous long-range free-kick which Casillas could again only parry, with the ball somewhat fortuitously avoiding a host of lurking attackers. It was proving an uncomfortable opening period for the Real Madrid custodian, who was captaining La Roja for a record 51st time, surpassing goalkeeping predecessor Andoni Zubizarreta at the head of the list.
The early energy gave way to a slightly more measured pace, with Portugal having the better of the latter exchanges in the opening half. A Seleção das Quinas seemingly resumed where they had left off after the interval. Tiago burst down the left flank with an impressive turn of speed, and his cross looped off the knee of Carles Puyol and over Casillas, only to narrowly bounce the wrong side of the post.

Spain's pedigree soon started to shine through and on the hour mark, substitute Fernando Llorente directed a diving header straight at a relieved Eduardo. Within 60 seconds Villa grazed the post with a curling drive, with the momentum having well and truly changed hands. Then came what proved to be the game's only goal. Xavi flicked a short pass from Andres Iniesta to Villa, whose shot was blocked by Eduardo. However, the rebound fell kindly back into the path of Villa who guided the ball home off the underside of the bar.
Spain controlled possession thereafter, as Portugal broke sporadically in their quest to save their South Africa 2010 campaign. Spanish defender Sergio Ramos came within inches of a rare goal after a strong run and shot on the right only to see the impressive Eduardo stick out a strong right hand and turn the ball narrowly around the post. Having joined Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain and Robert Vittek of Slovakia on four goals at the front of the race for the adidas Golden Boot, Villa was looking to go one better, and his thunderbolt from 30 metres would surely have found the net had it been marginally either side of Eduardo.
Portugal's stand-out player Ronaldo was kept largely quiet with a late red card to Ricardo Costa compounding the misery. Two principal stars delivered decisive performances for the victors with Budweiser Man of the Match Xavi making a significant contribution as his side enjoyed 61 per cent of the possession, while Villa left Green Point Stadium having settled the outcome.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kegilaan Kami Sekarang...

Sebenarnya citer nih minggu lepas
Hari Isnin selalu memang takde citer menarik
Ayah plak saje tekan2 remote Astro nak tgk ape citer best 
Sementara nak wait bola
Selaki terbuka Channel KBSW nih
Ade citer Secret Agent Miss Oh
Menarik gak citer die
Memang klako habis
Citer nih setiap hari Isnin n Selasa pukul 9.03 mlm
Citer nih sejam jer
Malam tadi tak dapat tgk sgt sebab dok Ym n layan cik Arissa
Hopefully mlm nih boleh tgk ler hehehehe

Secret Agent Miss Oh Details
Title: 국가가 부른다 / Gukgaga Bureunda
Also known as: My Country Calls / Secret Agent Miss Oh
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-May-10 to TBA
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Secret Agent Miss Oh Synopsis, Story, and Preview :
Oh Ha Na is a lowly policewoman who lacks a sense of duty and believes that it is worth bending the rules in order to achieve your aims. She meets and begins to investigate Go Jin Hyuk, an elite intelligence agent, and they clash instantly based on their different morals. Their initial dislike of each other masks their romantic attraction, but this development is hindered by the existence of Choi Eun Seo, Jin Hyuk’s first love. — Dramabeans
Secret Agent Miss Oh Cast and Starring :
Lee Soo Kyung as Oh Ha Na
Kim Sang Kyung as Go Jin Hyuk
Ryu Jin as Han Do Hoon
Horan as Choi Eun Seo
Yang Geum Suk as Lee Soo Ja
Lee Byung Joon as Joo Soo Young
Kang Shin Il as Chief Shin Ki Joon
Lee Ki Yeol as Deputy Manager Lee Hyung Shik
Lee Sang Hwi (이상휘) as Agent Kim Byung Joon
Hyun Woo as Agent Na Joon Min
Park Hyo Joo as Agent Park Se Mi
Lee Dal Hyung as Choi Chil Hyun
Choi Jae Hwan as Lee Geun Bae
Hong Soon Chang as Director Han Dae Soo
Oh Yong as Sergeant Choi Chul Min
Kim Kyung Sook as Cha Mi Sook
Shin Kwi Sik as Han Tae Shik
Lee Chul Min as Ma Gap Sung
Kim Na Young as Lee Sun Mi
Shin Shin Ae as Se Ip Ja
Kim Sook as kiosk owner
Lee Jong Soo as Oh Ha Na’s boyfriend (cameo)
Production Credits
Director: Kim Jung Gyu
Sceenwriter: Choi Yi Rang (최이랑), Lee Jin Mae (이진매)

Hero n heroinnyer sangat comel

Ayah n Anak Daranya

Semalam Ibu p Manjaku beli susu Arissa
Dah alang2 kat ctu beli ler sekali baju 2 pasang n sandal untuk cik kak tuh
Beli jugak sikat n berus gigi die
Yang bestnye Ibu ingat berus gigi elektrik
Rupanya bukan cuma die letak loceng dlm tuh
Bila berus dengan betul die berbunyi
Klako ler plak

Pas amik Arissa kat umah Mak Nab balik umah terus
Sampai jer kat lif Arissa mengamuk nak p kat playground
Ibu malas nak layan sebab dah kul 630 ptg
Lagipon byk brg nak angkut
Ibu pon paksa Arissa naik lif jugak
Bgtau kat Arissa ade cat

Sampai kat depan umah lak Ibu buka kunci grill
Sekali Arissa mengamuk lagi tak bagi buka
Cik kak tuh soh buka kunci umah sebelah lak
Seb baik takde sape time tuh
Ibu dah hangin jer
Ibu geram Ibu buka jer pintu die dok melalak kat luar
Ibu tinggal semua barang atas meja n kunci pintu semua balik

Ibu tanya nak g main ker Arissa kata nak
Sampai kat lif tak nak masuk lak
Nak ikut belakang lif plak
Sebab nak g playground tuh kena lalu belakang lif
Tapi tingkat bawah ler
Nih tingkat 11 belakang lif tuh tempat buang sampah
Sabo jele
Arissa ajak Ibu jln smp hujung lak pastu turun tangga
Sampai kat lif tingkat 10 Ibu tekan lagi
Tak nak naik jugak Ibu dukung die melalak lagi
Sampai kat bawah Ibu tanya lagi nak g main tak
Arissa jawab nak
Pastu Ibu tunjuk playground baru die senyap tapi masih tersedu2

Punye seronok ler Arissa dapat main
Sampaikan tak nak balik umah lak
Ibu tgk jam dah kul 7 mlm
Tak leh jadi nih
Ibu dukung Arissa terus bawa naik umah
Melalak tak hingat ler sabo jele
Sampai kat umah Ibu tunjuk sandal baru die
Suka sgt terus nak pakai
Nampak baju baru pon terus nak pakai
Ibu layankan jele

Ibu bg Arissa makan keropok sementara Ibu p mandi
Pas siap semua Ibu pon bagi Arissa makan bihun soto
Tak nak dlm mangkuk sendiri lak tuh
Nak dlm mangkuk kaca
Ibu pon layan jugak malas nak dengar die melalak

Dah habis makan tuh kami pon on YM nak sembang ngan Ayah
Arissa punya seronok tayang sandal baru n baju baru
Siap tunjuk cara2 berus gg yang betul kat Ayah
Ayah seronok jer tgk
Maklum ler anak dara die dok panggil Ayah...Yah... jer
Dok puji anak dara tuh baju cantik ler kasut cantik ler
Pandai anak Ayah berus gigi ler
Yang Arissa nih tersipu2 Ayah puji die

Ayah n Ibu tak sembang sgt
Ayah dok perati anak dara die jer
Dok seronok perati anak die
Dok tunjuk cara2 memberus gigi kat Ayah
Sakan tol anak dara memberus gigi

Biler dah lama2 tuh Arissa pon bosan duduk
Die pon kaco Anyah die makan ler
Dok naik lori die ler
Dok nyanyi ler membebel ler
Macam2 peel die buat
Mulut memang tak berenti bercakap
Ayah die dengar jer
Pas dah semua die bosan nak tgk Barney lak
Ibu pon cakap kat Ayah karang ler kiter YM lak
Sampai kesudah Ibu tak YM ngan Ayah
Sebabnyer biler Ibu tidokan Arissa kul 11 mlm
Dengan Ibu2 sekali tertidur hahahaha
Malam nih akan YM lagi ngan Ayah

Monday, June 28, 2010


Sepanjang Ayah ke Miri nih
Kami dua beranak ber YM jer ngan Ayah
Malam tadi buat ler video call
Boleh ler nampak muka memasing
Yang Ayah dok YM dari kedai jer
Dok tgk bola ngan kengkawan
Chatting pas Isyak
Sebab wait Anyah mai bawa laptop n broadband
Dah Ayah p Miri bawa laptop n broadband  kami

Siang tuh kitaorg p Jusco
Yang cik Arissa nih punya seronok sampai berlari2 ngan kakak n abag2 die
Time balik tertidur sebab letih sgt
Anyah mai umah terjaga lak die
Adoi jenuh ler Ibu nak tidokan die
Tapi Ayah suka jer
Sebab dah rindu kat anak dara die
Kami pon sembang2 sambil Arissa layan gak Barney dlm laptop tuh
Kadang2 biler internet slow gambo pon hilang ler
Arissa pon gelabah dok cari Ayah die
Ayah die hati berbunga2 ler anak dok sebut nama die jer

Masa siang tuh Ibu sedih gak ler
Dok cari jer Ayah die
Kejap2 kang dok panggil Ayah...Ayah...Yah...
Ibu pon kata ler Ayah g work
Arissa pon senyap
Mujur ler sepupu2 Arissa ade
Ralit ler sikit
Tapi time Ayah ade dok gaduh jer die
Haih sabo jele
Hari Khamis nih Ayah balik Arissa gaduh ler pepuas ngan Ayah eh....

Untuk tatapan Ayah
Anak Ayah nih... 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Memang Dah Konfem

Memang dah konpem Ayah p Miri
Ayah ade kursus selama 4 hari
Pagi tadi naik flight kul 830 pagi
Giler awal sebab takde tiket dah
Yela inform pon last minit

Skang nih Ayah dok dlm flight lagi kot
Sebab tak msg kat Ibu pon lagi
Rasa2nye 3jam perjalanan kot
Ayah akan balik hari Khamis nih
Flight dari sana kul 5 ptg
Semoga semuanya selamat
Ape eh yang ade kat Miri yang Ibu nak pesan hehehehe
Nanti akan dipikirkan

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pusat Sains Negara

Sabtu lepas pegi cni
Sebab nak tunaikan permintaan Pak su Arissa
Die yang beria sgt nak pegi
So ikutkan jele
Ondaway nak balik Kedah tuh kami pon singgah ler
Lagipon memang satu jalan kan
Tapi pic Pak Su Arissa tak de hehehehe
Sebab kami ikut haluan memasing
So jom layan pic2 Arissa

 Harap maaf gambo blur plak
Suka sgt tgk fish smpkan Arissa celup tgn dlm akuarium yg open kat pintu masuk

Tgh test mesin udara ntah betul ntah tak hahahaha
Malu2 plak biler soh amik gambo
 Jadi robot lak die
Ada gak Science Show kat citu

Kat cni ade cam bengkel D.I.Y
Masa kami p tuh depa dok buat microscope
Ibu pon menyibuk ler kat citu nak buat
Masa p tuh depa bg helikopter kertas kat Arissa
Tgh test helikopter
Arissa kusyuk tol
Sedang kusyuk buat microscope
End product ntah mane2 nath Ibu letak hehehe

Balik tuh kami p singgah Mid Valley
Nih 1st time p nih
Memang tak penah p pon
Sekali ade show Toy Story 3
Boleh tgkp gampo free lak tuh ngan Buzz Lightyear n Woody
Kami pon beratur ler
Coz Arissa dok tunjuk2 nak 
Seb baik Arissa tak takut

 Wee anak sedara Ibu suma jeles
Arissa dok tenung Woody lak

Adoi nak tutup camne nih
Anyway enjoy jele hehehehe


Dah Konfem

Amende ntah tajuk merepek2 nih hehehe
2 hari lepas Ibu dapat sms dari Ayah 
Begini rupanyer conversationnyer hahahaha

Ayah : Da, abg dpt kursus kat Miri, 28hb. tapi tak tau boleh lepas ke tak
Ibu : Mak ai jauhnye. 28hb nih ker. berapa lama
Ayah : sampai 1 julai. biasala JPA punya
Ibu : Agak2 lepas ke
Ayah : Ntahle, waran pon xsempat buat pa. dah suntuk sgt
Ibu : Adoiyai awat suka bgtau lewat eh hahahaha
Ayah : Tu lah pasai. Kalo sempat p, kalo tak sempat babai le
Ibu : Hahahaha kesian

Tak tau lagi Ayah boleh p ke tak
Semalam Ibu saja call tanya camne
Ibu saja sakat fuhh mintak2 tak lepas le
Bukan ape saja dengki sebab Ibu tak penah p Miri lagi
Ayah bengang jer ngan Ibu
Tapi semalam Ayah kata waran boleh lepas
Tinggal nak tau flight kul berapa jer
Adoi seronok sgt nak p Miri
Sabo jele
Kalau jadi Ayah p Miri
Ibu n Arissa tinggal berdua ler...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Menang Jugak Akhirnya.....

Tahniah untuk team yang Ayah sokong
Tak lain tak bukan Spain ler
Akhirnya menang jugak eh
Terus masuk ranking yang kedua bawah Chile
Untuk saingan Kumpulan H
Pandai Ayah didik anak buah die

Villa gets Spain back on track

Spain got their FIFA World Cup™ campaign back on track with a win against Honduras that was far more comprehensive than the 2-0 scoreline indicated. The Central Americans were the unlucky victims as the European champions returned to the kind of form which placed them among the pre-tournament favourites, David Villa claiming the Budweiser Man of the Match award for his two-goal haul.

Spain's victory lifted them alongside Switzerland with a win apiece, though still three points off Group H pacesetters Chile, their final opponents on Friday. Honduras, meanwhile, now need to win their last match against Switzerland, and hope Chile do them a favour against Spain, to have any hope of progressing.
Injury to Andres Iniesta saw Spain coach Vicente del Bosque reshuffle his pack with Fernando Torres brought into the line-up to join Villa in attack. Sevilla's right-sided flanker Jesus Navas was also given a place in the starting XI with David Silva omitted. It was no surprise to see Spain, undoubtedly stung by their opening loss to Switzerland, start in an attacking mode. Villa rattled the crossbar after just six minutes with an effort from 25 metres, while Sergio Ramos was unable to get downward force on a free header at the back post just minutes later.
Spain caused constant problems on both flanks with Villa operating on the left and Navas on the right. Villa appeared to be in supremely confident mood and it was no surprise to see Barcelona's recent signing open the scoring with what is set to be one of the individual goals of the tournament. Cutting in from the left, Villa dissected a path through two defenders when there appeared to be none, before rounding a third attempt at a tackle and unleashing a shot into the roof of the net.
On the half-hour mark, Torres had two good openings within the space of 60 seconds as Spain upped the ante further still. The Liverpool man, perhaps still showing signs of rustiness after his return from injury last month, guided a header into the ground and over the crossbar, before then skying his shot after a dribble into the penalty area. Honduras rarely threatened in the opening period, winning their first corner only in the final minute of the half. Honduran speed-merchant David Suazo received scant service up front as La Roja dominated midfield possession.
The second half started disastrously for the Hondurans with Villa doubling the advantage just six minutes after the restart, his shot from 20 metres taking a wicked deflection off the knee of Osman Chavez and looping over the outstretched hand of stranded goalkeeper Noel Valladares. Just past the hour, Emilio Izaguirre's foul on Navas in the penalty area gave Villa a golden opportunity to record a hat-trick but he pushed his spot-kick wide and in the process became the first Spain player to miss a penalty at the FIFA World Cup.
Nevertheless, Spain appeared certain to kill off the game with a third goal, only to be guilty at times of overplaying the passing movement when presented with a shooting opportunity. Substitute Cesc Fabregas appeared certain to score with his first involvement but, after springing the offside trap and rounding Valladares, the Arsenal skipper saw his shot impressively cleared off the line by a retreating Chavez. Honduras found some joy in attack in the final stages with Suazo firing wide and half-time substitute Georgie Welcome guiding a header the wrong side of the post. Yet Spain were still the team pushing hard until the final whistle with only some determined defending and their own profligacy ensuring the scoreline remained unchanged.

p/s : Sumber berita dari cni

Monday, June 21, 2010

Selamat Hari Bapa

Firstly Ibu nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Bapa 
Kepada Abah Ibu Hj Abu Zaid b Pjg Abdul Razak
Segala pengorbanan Abah tak dapat Ibu lupakan
Bayangkan Abah sorang jer yang bekerja untuk menampung kami sekeluarga
Mak pulak surirumah jer
Abah Ibu bukan ler keje sebagai pegawai
Cuma keje dengan kerajaan jer
Tapi Abah memang akan tunaikan ape permintaan kami walaupon lambat
Kami pon tak mengharapkan barang2 yang mahal
Cukuplah kasih sayang yang Abah curahkan
Kami sayang sgt kat Abah

Time nih Arissa baru 4 bulan
Arissa ade iras2 muka Abah Ibu tak
Secondly nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Bapa untuk Ayah mertua Ibu
Md. Akhir b Mahamud
Semoga Ayah panjang umur dan murah rezeki
Tapi Ibu takde ler plak gambo Ayah mertua Ibu nih
Nanti balik nak cari kot2 ade kat Ayah
Sebab Ayah nih jarang nak tangkap gambo

Last but not least untuk Ayah 
Khairul Mustadza b Md Akhir
Selamat Hari Bapa
Terima kasih sebab menjadi Ayah n suami yang penyayang
Ibu tak dapat bayangkan sehari tanpa Ayah disisi
Semoga Ayah panjang umur n murah rezeki

Untuk Abang,
Ida n Arissa sayang sangat kat Abang
Semoga Abang akan berjaya dalam hidup
Semoga hidup Abang dan kami diberkati Allah SWT
We love u dear....

Posing seksi lak Ayah nih
Time nih Arissa masih dalam pantang
Time nih masa Familyday opis Ibu buat kat Desa Waterpark
Arissa masa nih baru 4 bulan kot
Kepada semua bapa2 didunia
Selamat Hari Bapa

Happy Birthday Nyah @ Anyah

Arissa nih nak enterprem gak

Selamat Hari Lahir yang ke 35 untuk Nyah @ Anyah
Hari Lahirnya pada 18 Jun 2010 hari tuh
Takde pape celebration pon
Cuma malam tadi jer besday girl banjer makan hehehehe
Untuk Nyah semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki
p/s : moga cecepat dapat jodoh :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kesian....Spain Kalah....

REAKSI Gelson Fernandes (kanan) selepas meledak gol untuk Switzerland ketika menentang Sepanyol dalam saingan Kumpulan H, malam tadi.
Switzerland lakar sejarah kejut skuad pilihan

DURBAN: Switzerland mencipta kejutan terbesar dalam Piala Dunia kali ini apabila gah menewaskan juara Eropah, Sepanyol 1-0 dalam saingan Kumpulan H, malam tadi – kemenangan pertama ke atas lawan mereka itu selepas 19 pertemuan. 
Gol tunggal Gelson Fernandes pada minit ke-52 selepas satu kekalutan oleh pertahanan Sepanyol dalam kotak penalti memberi kemenangan bermakna bagi pihak lawan manakala anak didik Vicente Del Bosque yang penuh dengan limpahan bakat gagal mencari ruang menembusi benteng lawan yang kebal. 
“Kami mencuba dengan corak permainan lebih garang tetapi gagal menjaringkan gol. Ini bukan hari kami. Kami mendominasi seluruh permainan.
“Kekalahan ini bermakna kami tiada pilihan kecuali mesti memenangi baki dua perlawanan kumpulan,” kata pengendali itu.

Gol kemenangan lawan terhasil selepas penjaga gol, Iker Casillas berlaga dengan penyerang, Eren Derdiyok dan pemain pertahanan Sepanyol, Gerard Pique gagal menyekat bola yang menuju ke arah gawang sebelum Fernandes menerpa menolak masuk.

Switzerland yang bermain dengan meletakkan sembilan pemain di belakang bola berjaya melakar sejarah dan kini kemenangan itu memberi mereka harapan mara ke pusingan kedua seperti dilakukan empat tahun lalu di Jerman. – AFP

Kesian Ayah, team yang disokong kalah ler plak
Agak2nyer Ayah frust ker eh
Sebab pagi tadi tgk Ayah ok jer cam biasa
Tak tau ler plak kot kena kutuk ngan member2 die hehehehe
Sabo jele eh
Tuh ler len kali soh anak2 buah Abang tuh keje keras hahahaha

p/s : sumber berita dari cni

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 Anthem song Wavin Flag Celebration

Sebabkan Ayah suka giler ngan lagu nih
Ibu pon dah terjangkit suka gak lagu nih
Ibu pon boh ler lirik lagu nih kat cni eh

World Cup 2010 Anthem song Wavin Flag Celebration Remix by K'Naan lyrics:

Ooooooh Wooooooh

Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud
In the streets are, exaliftin , as we lose our inhabition,
Celebration its around us, every nation, all around us

Singin forever young, singin songs underneath that sun
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game.
And together at the end of the day.


When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom Just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom
Just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes

Oooooooooooooh woooooooooohh hohoho

Give you freedom, give you fire, give you reason, take you higher
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud
In the streets are, exaliftin, every loser in ambition,
Celebration, its around us, every nations, all around us

Singin forever young, singin songs underneath that sun
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game.
And together at the end of the day.

p/s : memang layan ler lagu nih

FIFA World Cup 2010

Memandangkan skang nih demam bolasepak
Ibu pon sokong ler sesikit
Walaupon Ibu bukan ler peminat tegar
Tengok2 gitu boleh ler
Yang minat sgt off coz Ayah ler
Sanggup tak tido kalau ade bola nih
So blog Ibu pon dah ade background lagu bola nih
Lagi nih memang Ayah minat sgt2
So layan jele minat die hehehehe
Good luck untuk team yang Ayah sokong
Tak lain tak bukan Spain...

Kenduri Doa Selamat

Weekend lepas Ibu balik kg lagi
Dah 2 minggu berturut2 balik kg nih
Balik pon sebab ade kenduri kan
Kononnya nak balik hari Jumaat pas Maghrib
Alih2 Ayah kata tak leh plak sebab kena standby sampai malam
Huhuhuhuhu sedih tol
So pepagi Sabtu pas Subuh kami pon terus ke Ipoh
Kali nih naik keta Anyah
Sampai Ipoh dalam kul 10 pagi kot
Sepanjang perjalanan cik Arissa tido jer
So ade peluang Ibu pon tido gak hehehehe

Malam tuh umah sebelah mak buat kenduri doa selamat dulu
Menu memang mantap ler
Tapi sayang Ibu tak snap plak gambo makanan sebab dah lapo hehehehe
Mula2 baca Yasin n Tahlil untuk Arwah Tok n KakRos
Pastuh acara makan lah
Selalu orang lelaki makan dulu kan
Yang Arissa nih tak sabo2 nak makan dah
Ibu pon soh Ayah amikkan nasi bagi kat die
Makan tak nak bersuap lak tuh nak suap sendiri
Layan jele
Gmbr masa kenduri nih tak berapa banyak n kualiti pon kuranglah
Tapi bolehlah kot eh
Sebelum g kenduri posing dulu
Baju baru Anyah beli kat Bandung
4 beradik yang sorang tuh tgk ape ntah
 Opah sebelah n my opah
Mak n Yong bersama tuan rumah
Bacaan Yasin n tahlil diketuai oleh Abah
Pak Sarip n Kak Yah 
Anak2 Opah sebelah

Esoknyer plak kitaorg buat kenduri doa selamat
Kenduri petang pas Asar
Jemputan orang masjid  sedara yang dekat2 n jiran2 ler
Kenduri nih sempena Yob naik pangkat
Dan sempena Yong nak fly ke Australia hujung bulan 7 nih
Yong nak sambung buat Phd kat sana
Yong p sorang dulu
Pas sebulan Yob pulak menyusul dengan anak2
So depa beraya kat sana tahun nih
Owh sedihnyer biler time raya tak cukup korum

Malam tuh Ibu, Ayah, Anyah n Arissa off to KL semula
Yela Ibu pon tak amik cuti pon
Saja simpan cuti untuk raya nanti
Jom layan gambo time kenduri
Ibu ngan anak2
Baju nih pon Anyah beli kat Bandung
Pic atas : Yong n anak2
Pic bawah : Orang Masjid sedang baca Yasin
Bergambar kenangan dengan Opah n Opah sebelah
Alang, Abah, Yong n Muaz

Tuh jele citer weekend kami
2 minggu berturut2 balik kg sebabkan kenduri
  Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan